We are grateful to artist Kevin Beasley for including our dialogue on the “Perspectives” page for his current sound and sculpture exhibition at the Whitney Museum, “A view of the landscape,” open through March 10, 2019. The exhibition pursues the legacy of the South and the moment that cotton was King. (Update 10.21.20: Sadly, continent magazine has come to an end, but the dialogue is archived here with video and audio links intact. You can also download the PDF: Napolin Rosenfeld Politics of the Musical Situation.)



The Politics of the Musical Situation: A Response to Marina Rosenfeld

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Julie Beth Napolin, Marina Rosenfeld

Author and researcher Julie Beth Napolin presents here responses to sound artist Marina Rosenfeld from a discussion at The New School in New York City. Including material from a Bomb magazine interview with Rosenfeld, the political terrains of listening and power intersect acoustic art making.

continent Issue 5.3 / 2016 “Acoustic Infrastructures

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