And at times when/ only the void stood between us we got/ all the way to each other – Paul Celan

With the pandemic, mixing and mastering this record are on hold right now. I want to contribute to the sonic imaginary and release an alternative version of my favorite track to help people who urgently need support. All funds will be donated to The Village in Oakland, providing support to camps and curbside communities, to the Alameda County Food Bank, and to the Covid Bail Out, raising bail and wellness funds for the incarcerated.

Tom Carter (Charalambides) graced this song with his signature electric guitar sound and took a number of extraordinary takes. This is one of those takes, and it will not be on the record. Recorded over two sessions at 25th Street Studio in Oakland, CA and Good Child Music with Lawson White in Brooklyn, NY. Diego González (3 Leafs) on bowed bass tape drone. Cover art by Niki Shelley.