Meridians Album (2012)

Stream the record free or download from Meridians’ Bandcamp page.

Meridians is Julie Beth Napolin (Citay) and Trevor Healy (Snake Oil). Their open-form ballads are alternately driving and hypnotic, exploring the overtones, dissonances, and consonances created by voice, electronics, and guitars. There are echoes of British folk, minimalism and the cinematic strains of krautrock as the two combine intricate electric and 12-string guitar melodies over pulsing loops of flute, violin, found objects and oscillators. It was recorded with Tim Green (The Fucking Champs/Nation of Ulysses) in San Francisco.

Julie currently plays solo under the Meridians moniker, performing live with tape drones and guitarists such as David First (Notekillers) and Tom Carter (Charalambides). She is finishing her first solo record at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA.


released 10 July 2012 All songs by Meridians. Julie Napolin played guitars, vox and flute. Trevor Healy played guitars, violin, and electronics.

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